Opportunity for a Trainer
XLR8 is a indoor sports arena. It has many facilities such as Indoor Courts for Cricket, Soccer, Basket Ball & Hockey. We are adding more sports every few months. The future sports to be added at the XLR8 is wall climbing! We have also added tennis courts (clay). We are looking for a trainer, who is interested in working with us to build a strong Strength & Conditioning Center. He or She must have interest in working with all age groups and must have had some experience in working with people in sports. The work requires reading, understanding, learning and implementing on an ongoing basis.

What is XLR8 looking for in its candidate:
Personality - consistency in behavior, behavior that desires improvement, behavior that is professional in many ways (timely deliverables, consistently in the quality of work, proactive in developing programs), behavior towards customer satisfaction, behavior that is predictable and compelled to purse completeness, behavior that is honest and high on integrity

Availability - there is a full time and a part time job profile available

Qualification - basic degree in any field, a certification in fitness or health (like ACE, ACSM)

Aptitude - an inherent capacity or talent or ability to (work with people, to work in the fitness and strength & conditioning industry, to show concern for people and people's health, fitness and sports conditioning need).

Job Description:
The trainer will be involved in 3 broad aspects of the XLR8 Strength & Conditioning
1. Developing content for different services in the areas of health, sports conditioning and body awareness
2. Develop training content to deliver training modules in fitness, strength development and functional movement
3. Develop personal training modules


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